Joint Laboratory
Plasma and Propulsion


Invited Presentation By Prof. Jichul Shin

Professor Jichul Shin from the University of Ulsan, along with two of his master’s students, visited JLPP for an insightful two-day exchange. On the first day, Professor Shin delivered an in-depth presentation on “Hybrid Fluid-Particle Simulation of RF Ion Thruster for Air-Breathing Electric Propulsion Applications,” sparking a lively discussion among attendees about the potential applications and implications of RF ion thrusters, and PIC/fluid hybrid simulations.

The second day of their visit was dedicated to experiments and subsystems for RF ion thruster tests. They toured our DTJ2.5 vacuum chamber facility, where we engaged in detailed discussions on the design, ignition processes, facility effects, and various technical challenges associated with RF ion thrusters. This was followed by a demonstration of the Helicon thruster ignition in our small vacuum chamber, providing them with a practical view of our current research capabilities and ongoing projects. The visit fostered a valuable exchange of knowledge and ideas, strengthening the relationship between our group members, and paved way for future collaborations.

Article: Kun Feng

Photo: Lehui Cao