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EP Thrusters

We have developed many kinds of Electric Propulsion thrusters, many of which have been launched into space. 

Plasma Groud Test​

We have the first-class facilities and plenty of experience to do the ground test for the plasma-related devices.

Plasma Theory & Simulation

We developed our own approaches and codes for the plasma theory and simulation, including MHD, kinetic and hybrid methods, 

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Haibin Tang (汤海滨)

Professior, Lab Head

Junxue ren (任军学)

Associate Professor

Yibai Wang (王一白)

Associate Professor

Zun Zhang (张尊)


Wenjiang Yang (杨文将)

Associate Professor

Guangchuan Zhang


One of the best research group in china

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Based on Beihang University, which is one of the most innovative aerospace research institutions in China.


Mainly focused on Electric Propulsion, we have accomplished lots of scientific and applicational achievements.


Plasma physics, Propulsion engineeringg, Fluid dynamics, Kinetic modelling, etc, are all researched.


Established in 1998, our lab has been over 20 years. We have completed buches of national projects and funds.

Cooperations with acedamic institute

with >20 years of  experience